Troy, Apple Premium Partner Mağazası Açtı

Troy, Apple Premium Partner olarak hizmet veren yeni mağazasını açtı! Apple ürünlerine özel olarak tasarlanmış bu mağazada en son teknoloji ürünlerine kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz. Sadece Apple ürünleri değil, aynı zamanda aksesuarları ve hizmetleri de mevcuttur. Troy, müşteri deneyimini en üst seviyeye çıkarmak için uzman personeliyle size hizmet vermekten mutluluk duyar. adresimize gelin ve Apple dünyasının tadını çıkarın!

Troy Unleashes New Apple Premium Partner Concept

With its 31 years of experience, Artı Bilgisayar continues to expand its store chain known as Troy to various regions of Turkey. In order to provide the best service to its customers, Troy keeps renewing its existing stores to maximize customer satisfaction. Istanbul Marmara Park store, which has been offering services as an Apple Premium Reseller for 10 years, reopened with a brand new concept as an Apple Premium Partner. On the opening day, Troy offered a special discount of 5000 Turkish lira on all MacBooks, attracting hundreds of customers who lined up outside the mall. Troy, which attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, also prepared various surprises for its customers. As part of the event, Troy played the Kutu Kutu game with Geveze, one of Power FM’s famous DJs, to offer its customers the opportunity to win various gifts and instant discount coupons worth a total of 50,000 Turkish lira.

What to Expect at Troy’s Apple Premium Partner Stores?

Troy’s new store concept as an Apple Premium Partner offers many privileges that provide the highest level of customer experience. From the Concierge staff that greets you as soon as you enter the store to the expert Apple team that offers solutions tailored to your needs, Troy’s new store concept aims to provide an all-encompassing Apple experience. In addition, the store features corporate solutions, spatial innovations that make for a more comfortable customer experience, and mobile cash registers that help you save time in this fast-paced world. Troy also offers technical support after purchase and appointments for various training events, allowing customers to take part in developing their knowledge on Apple products and services. With this new concept, Troy aims to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

The Birth of Troy APR:

Artı Bilgisayar, which has been providing services for 30 years, created the “Troy” brand by opening its first Troy store in Kanyon Levent in 2006. This made Troy/Kanyon the first Apple Premium Reseller on the European side of Istanbul. Afterwards, by opening 11 Apple Authorized Sales points and online store in Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit and Antalya, Troy became Turkey’s most widespread Apple Authorized Dealer while reaching a wider customer base without compromising its principle of delivering high-quality services with its experienced team.

Troy Store Interior

About Troy Stores and Service Points:

Troy stores are designed in accordance with the Apple Authorized Dealer concept worldwide. They offer customers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Apple products and experience Apple’s unique features as well as post-sales service provided by our experienced technical team. Additionally, Troy Service serves as an Apple Authorized Service Provider after-sales and provides service with its expert team with a 98% customer satisfaction rate. In addition to the central service point, you can reach Troy Service at 8 different locations. Troy continues to increase the number of its stores throughout Turkey in 2023. At the same time, through its online store, it aims to make the Apple world more accessible to customers all over Turkey.

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